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Nkhoma Hospital is a rural hospital that through tireless efforts of physicians, clinical officers and nurses strives to improve the lives of families living in Malawi.  The hospital is dependent on donations and is severely underfunded. MCF provides funding for small projects that do not have funding from larger non-profits.

The hospital is frequently short on the basics such as IV supplies, syringes, lab supplies and sutures.  In August 2010, MCF began what is now an ongoing process of collecting medical supplies to support the efforts of rural hospitals such as Nkhoma Hospital.  It was an amazing effort, with support from many other groups large and small.

MCF delivered over $10,000 of medical supplies to the hospital in September 2010.  Along the way, we learned a few lessons about negotiating with ticketing agents and the importance of avoiding Addis Ababa. The supplies MCF provided won’t solve the healthcare crisis in Malawi, but it is one step along the way.

MCF sent another shipment of medical supplies to a group leaving for Malawi from North Carolina in May of 2011.  This group carried the supplies with them, which is far less expensive than trying to mail supplies to Malawi.  The value of the supplies shipped was approximately $6,000.00.

In 2009, lab equipment was purchased for the hospital by another non-profit.  MCF with significant help from First Presbyterian Church in Farmington, NM purchased lab reagents in 2009 and 2010 that helps maintain the hospital’s ability to perform needed lab tests.

This has been a successful effort and MCF plans to continue the program.  If you know of hospitals that have excess supplies particularly items such as IV catheters, sutures, warmers, etc. please contact us and we can arrange for supplies to be picked up from the hospital and shipped to Malawi.

Below are links to groups who have provided support to our efforts in the past.

Global Links
Samaritan’s Purse
Medical Bridges
IMA World Health
First Presbyterian Church, Farmington, NM
Worldwide Lab Improvement, inc.



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